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HFHorseCare for the caretaking of Your horse.

HFHorseCare is designed to ease the everyday communication between horse owners and caretakers, easily, cheaply and effortlessly.

The program allows You to track Your horse’s caretaking events from anywhere and anytime You want. You can set up upcoming events on the horse’s calendar, from where your nominated caretaker sees them easily with hers/his mobile. After the event is carried out, the caretaker signs it as done through a mobile phone. The program itself is twosided; a webbased user interface and mobileapplication. The app is free of charge and can be downloaded from GooglePlay or AppStore with keyword 'horseman'

HFHorseCare collects the history of caretaking activities for Your horse, thus enabling a goal oriented planning for the horse’s training

The program is now free of charge.

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Register Your horse’s information quickly and easily to HFHorseCare database.
While registering You can also add and register the horse’s caretakers. Joining requests to their e-mail addresses will be sent automatically as You finish Your registration.


Set the calendar to either a week or a month view, according to Your style.
Write events for Your horse or drag them from the menu directly to the calendar. After the event has been added, the caretaker sees it through her/his mobile application and can act accordingly.


Register Your stables here. You can see all of the horses You have in the stable.
You can also add, edit or delete Your stables here or make a virtual stable (without address)


Call +358 50 3713 290

For technical support, call +358 50 3713 290


You can also send mail to support(at)